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If Your Basements a Disaster, Call DryMaster!


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     Thank you for visiting DryMaster Basement Waterproofing . You must be feeling the pain of a wet basement! Having called on so many homeowners over the years and experiencing a wet basement myself, I know what you are going through. Seeing many of your prized posessions being destroyed by a leaking basement wall can be heartbreaking. Even worse if you have a finished basement. DryMaster can make your basement Desert Dry.

     A wet basement is fraught with dangers from electrocution, slip and fall, structural damage, destroyed furnace and water heater, to the unhealthy condition of a sick home syndrome full of mold and mildew affecting your children and pets.

  Basement water problems cannot be ignored, if you have noticed foundation leaks in your basement or have the beginning of mold growth in any area of your house making repairs early will not only save you money, but will also protect your property from significant damage and your families health from the serious affects of mold growth. There are a number of causes for water leakage and mold growth, and investing in having a professional waterproof your home is the best solution.

Water leakage can be caused by both visible structural and foundation issues, as well as unseen problems. Some common signs that you home may have a water or mold problem are:

  • High levels of humidity or dampness in your home
  • Recurring leaks both on the interior and exterior of your home
  • Water stains on interior walls or ceilings
  • Water stains on exterior foundation walls or floors
  • Rust stains at water sources such as taps
  • Puddles at the foot of exterior walls
  • White powdery substance on walls/floor
  • Musty or damp smell

Homeowners call our experienced technicians the Dry Guys because we can identify the source of these leaks and can even identify areas that may result in future problems with water leaks and mold. DryMaster Basement Waterproofing .has over 50 years of combined experience with home structural repairs and can provide you with professional, affordable basement waterproofing and quality 1st. service .


If you would like to learn more about the structural damage and health issues that water in your home can cause as well as further explanation of solutions available to correct water problems visit our How to Waterproof My Basement page. We use the latest South Jersey waterproofing methods and pride ourselves in providing our clients with the best service available.

   Well, now you have a friend in the business, DryMaster Basement Waterproofing . If you call we will be glad to visit and inspect your basement, no pressure no obligation. Just friendly discourse about the best solution to give you a dry basement that is mold and mildew free. Over the years we have made many "friends" and that's the term we like to use when we refer to our completely satisfied homeowners who choose DryMaster Basement Waterproofing .

REPAIR LEAKING BASEMENT We have much more to offer than any other basement waterproofing company. We are honest and sincere in everything we do in a Healthy Way. Don't give up on your basement because of a leaking basement wall or mold or mildew. Your basement can be valuable living space. DryMaster Basement Waterproofing .can give you a dry basement guaranteed for life.

FIX LEAKING BASEMENT Our basement waterproofing subfloor pressure relief system includes the latest technology in basement waterproofing components along with tried and true methods that have stood the test of time. Our technicians are trained to exact specifications and proceedures to repair your leaking basement wall and turn your wet basement into a dry basement which we have perfected over the years. Our company is here to serve you in a professional yet friendly manner. 

The first step to repair a leaking basement is to pump out the water. Never enter a flooded basement. Flooded basements have a danger of causing electocution. If your basement is flooded, call DryMaster right away. We will pump your basement dry and make it safe for our professional crews of basement waterproofers to fix your leaking and flooded basement.


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Lifetime Guarantee for Basement Waterproofing


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